Prepare for All Hallow’s Eve!!

KalZ, do you have any kool ideas for a costume?? There are sooo many options that is difficult to be original!! (it took me a couple of weeks to come up with mine)


Facts abour pumkins

Interesing facts about pumkins KalZ, did you knew that pumkins are the world’s largest fruit?

Halloween Facts

15 Facts about Halloween, did you knew that Trick or Treat wasn’t always about candies? Or pranks??

Making your own mask!

KalZ! All about making your own mask, facepaint and costumes (just in case you needed some help for that)

Halloween Week

KalZ, as promised, next week is Halloween soooo this week will be about it!! Hope you like it. Here is a Kool costume of the Hulk as a start: v=iKf46AlpndE&feature=player_embedded

This Week

KalZ, hope you liked my “World’s Records Week”! Of what other topics would you like to know more??

Voronya Cave

World’s deepest cave, imagine if you could explore that!!